Duo Metropol

08.02.2012 13:15

We are the professional band - ideal live music for your show, presentation, recreation, celebration, background and any other occasion. Our repertoir is very international with multilingual singing - in Englisch, German, Czech, French, Italian, Spanish. All dance styles and rhythms.

You can hear our real live (no studio record) on "mp3.Muster" and see on "VIDEO"

The band uses the newest audio equipment in Stereo quality.

Musical instruments' casting - guitar, keyboards, Alt-saxophone, male and female singing.


We are more than twenty years performing as Duo Metropol, Agency Adam&Eva as well. Since 1991 mostly abroad in the best hotels, tourist and holiday centers of Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Portugal. Playing for the guests from UK, Netherlands, Scandinavia, exactly any nation as well.

Our music experience is from playing not only in hotels, but also in restaurants, pubs, business or privat celebrations, weddings, streets galas and jubilees.
Our repertoir is more than sufficient. We are always ready to hit the right music for every moment.